The optimal solution for every application

Wood working and furniture industry

When laminating panels for the furniture industry, uniform and precise application of each decorative material is required.

The Schmidt-Kupplung coupling provides the precise, short-length actuation of the adjustable applicator rolls used in the lamination process to apply laminates onto the carrier material with paint or glue as a protective or decorative layer. Deburrers are also driven with the help of the Schmidt-Kupplung coupling.

Packaging machines

Thanks to their precision, compactness and high radial displacement and offset capacity, Schmidt-Kupplung couplings are used in various packaging machines and processes.  They are used, for example, for driving cartoner modules, box folding machines and folding mechanisms; in deep-drawing units in thermoforming machines for the packaging industry; in filling systems or, in VA version, for blister packaging machines in the pharmaceutical industry.


Schmidt-Kupplung couplings are used in all kinds of roller feeds; they are employed, inter alia, in precise, clocked operations such as metal sheets transport, products crosscutting and punching as well as embossing rollers.

Likewise, precision couplings are used for driving edge trimming shears, the final process of sheet metal processing.

Paper machines

Schmidt-Kupplung couplings are used in almost all mentioned stations due to their precision, compactness and displacement capacity. Thus, Schmidt-Kupplung couplings can be found, inter alia, in the drives of sieve and breast rolls; in paper cutters such as longitudinal and cross cutting machines,  three-knife trimmers and rotary cutter systems.

Printing machines

Schmidt-Kupplung couplings are used in many stages of the printing process.

Thanks to the compact design of the coupling systems, the construction of each drive train can be made very compact. The use of Schmidt-Kupplung precision couplings begins with the drive of printing mechanisms, paint rollers and duct rollers. High production performance and productivity is ensured by these compact, and torsionally stiff couplings. Individual paint rollers and duct rollers can be swivelled during operation thanks to the high displacement and offset capacity of compact coupling systems.

  • Roller feeds
  • Edge trimming shears
  • Sieve rolls
  •  Rotary cutter systems
  •  Duct rollers and much more